Mobile two-shaft shredder URRACO shreds (almost) everything

Depending on the shaft configuration, the new URRACO high-performance mobile or semi-mobile shredder launched by Lindner Mobile Shredder GmbH can handle virtually any type of waste – from paper, wood and tyres through rocks and railway sleepers (wooden or concrete) to car bodies.

Available in two sizes, these machines can be ordered, according to customer preference, either with powerful and eco-friendly diesel engines or with electric motor power. While the tool shaft of the URRACO 75 has a length of 1750 mm, that of its URRACO 95 counterpart measures 2500 mm. A broad selection of tool shaft configurations enables both units to handle waste wood, biomass (including "brown bin" material, i.e., household food and garden waste), root wood, stem wood and timber, domestic and commercial waste (including the bulky fraction), paper rolls, electronic scrap, railway sleepers (whether wooden with steel plates or the concrete type), lightweight scrap, aluminium profiles, car bodies, mixed construction waste, and other loads. The final grain sizes thus obtained vary between approx. 150 mm and 400 mm. The two-shaft system adopted for the URRACO delivers a high throughput at low energy demand. Its aggressive hooks provide a substantially efficient feeding action. The interaction between knives and counterknives – in conjunction with a design which effectively prevents bridging – ensures an outstanding utilization of the power input. At the same time, the two-shaft machine is characterized by low wear and a high insensitivity to foreign matter. The design-inherent classic crushing process involving low shaft speeds of only 15 to 30 r.p.m. minimizes dust formation. Two tilting hoppers which can be inclined by as much as 80 degrees promote an optimum supply of charge material to the shafts. Moreover, the URRACO two-shaft shredders are equipped with a hydraulic reversing feature to protect the machines from severe damage.

The integrated discharge belt conveyor is steplessly height-adjustable between 2 m and nearly 5 m with hydraulic support. Its rugged steel structure is galvanized for sustainable resistance to the aggressive substances encountered in domestic and other wastes. An optional hydraulically height-adjustable overbelt magnet of dual-core design allows ferromagnetic metals to be separated with a high selectivity rate.  A wheel axle (likewise optional) with drawbar provides enhanced manoeuvrability at the operating site. Each machine is conveniently controlled from the feeder unit via a 10-channel radio remote controller.



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