UZ 80


UZ 80 – biomaster– electrically-powered stationary shredder

The stationary Universal Shredder UZ 80 - with its 12 swinging hammers - is our smallest. He crushes soil, bark and peat and compost and any smaller wood material in a jiffy.   Its strength is the uninterrupted, automated continuous use. Combined with additional conveyor belts, the whole process including the supply and removal goes by itself. Particularly suitable for : pre-shredded green waste - matured timber (already fractured) – bark - peat - biogas substrate (e.g. sugar beets; potatoes; onions - carrots; manure - grass and corn silage) as well as empty fruit bunches
Target groups: composting plants - humus plants - biogas plants Unique Selling Propositions: rotor is driven by a 45 kW electric motor – stationary operation - sturdy and compact construction - 12 small and free swinging flails - 3 rakes; changeable individually -finally grain size can be changed manually with adjustable screw (distance variation between rakes and rotor)



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