Biomaster UZ 100

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UZ 100 – powerful and environmentally friendly

The electrically-powered shredder UZ 100 is a high performance, environmentally friendly, semimobile shredder operation area green waste; matured timber (already fractured); bark; peat; secondary shredding of different substrates; biogas substrates (e.g. sugar beets; potatoes; onions; carrots; manure; grass and corn silage) as well as empty fruit bunches target groups: composting plants; humus plants; biogas plants Unique Selling Propositions: rotor is driven by a 75 kW electric motor Danfoss Soft start – easy operation on control box infeed roller and infeed conveyor (rails) are driven by a 1,1 kW gear motor – frequency controlled (speed adjustably continuously by potentiometer) semi-mobile chassis (just routing axis – no license for street) little servicing (no hydraulic system) rubber conveyor is driven by a chain drive from the infeed conveyor sturdy and compact construction 12 small and free swinging flails rakes finally grain size can be changed manually with adjustable screw (distance variation between rakes and rotor)



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