MS 3000 Minishark

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MS 3000 - Minishark entry model for the highest demands. Perfect for smaller contracts with medium through put  Due to customer demand, Willibald decided to build a new entry shredder based on the popular EP Shark. The flexible shredding system which can be operated anytime via remote control guaranties up to now an individual grain size.  The compact Minishark convinces in its performance and economy and processes reliable a wide range of materials from green waste, over compost materials and demolition wood up to different wood packings . Depending on the characteristics /composition of the input material the wood can be processed into a thermally usable wood chip product.  For an better adaption to your individual requirements, you can choose one of two rotor types:
rotor with 22 fixed tools
rotor with 18 swinging flails
Especially suitable for  Green waste; matured timber (already fractured); pallets; bark; peat; bio gas substrates characteristics / USP´s diesel hydraulic drive-Chassis with 80 km/h road license – ABS standard -sturdy and low-wear endless floor& aggressive infeed roller-mechanical rotor drive through short 8-fold power belt-rotor with 22 fixed tools (little servicing/tools individual changeable) or a rotor with with   18 swinging flails - (distance variation between rakes and rotor) - all functions can be operate by control box or optional remote control -easy operation via auto start and stop button - maintenance position with an unique access for servicing and maintenance



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