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Whether efficient composting, the mulching of very specific substrates or shredding of   sensitive substances - we have the right machine in the range for even the most complicated tasks. It doesn´t matter what diameter the woody plants have or how complex the mixture of bulky shrubs and wet grass is designed: With our groundbreaking shredders, compost turners, screening machines - and bagging machines biological waste products are transformed in a very short time to new earth, nutrient-rich humus and natural fertilizers or wood chips for cogeneration plants. Thanks to the many years of experience and continual technological development, we have constructed furthermore special high-performance shredder with sophisticated cutting technique. These powerful shredders are processing even highly problematic substances such as permeated waste wood with rusty nails or multiform industrial waste without ifs and buts. The same applies to our mulchers: As a pioneer in this area, we have for every requirement the appropriate device. Whether meadows, forests or vineyards - with the intelligent flail-technology the machines are preparing everyone and each environment the best soil - quickly, easily and naturally. Today we are one of the leading suppliers of advanced recycling technology, because we have always the further optimization of our products in our minds and an open ear for the needs of our customer. Our aim is to deal with our customer very friendly, uncomplicated and in flexible teamwork as well as with all colleagues within the company. In view of the perfection of our products,   we are now and then under high voltage, sometimes even obsessed .  No matter if manager, developer, technician or mechanic - only when we have reached the maximum possible in each case, are we satisfied.


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