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Based on the long-lasting experience in the internationally recognized big systems, Gipo AG has created the smaller publication of tracklaying instruments on various applications that are characterized by unique quality and technology. GIPO R90FDR GIGA ensures incomparable competitiveness in his comparison with the all instruments of competition as for the quality and technology even in the hardest conditions of use.


  • Discharging belt of remain grains, same width with the instrument in the operation and in the transport.

  • Entire the unit of feed-in can rise hydraulic for easy access in the maintenance and repair.

  • Ease connection with simple movements.

  • Robust and heavy Rotor of 1100 m suitable for hard use.

  • R90 circularly palpitating screen unit of 1 level with biggest surface of sieving 1300 H 2500 for screening of big output.

GIPO’s R090FDR: the unit is equipped with vibrated feeder which has been tested in the harder conditions of use, embedded pre-screener of 2 levels with independent transmission of movement and constant feeder. The GIPO with experience and unique know-how is to satisfy any individual need and the crabbiest customer.



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