Giporec R 100 FDR GIGA (1)
Giporec R 100 FDR GIGA_2
Giporec R 100 FDR GIGA_5
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R100FDR_GIGA (2)

GIPOREC GIGA breaks up and sorts huge quantities

The basic models – the GIPOREC R 90, the GIPOREC R 100 and the GIPOREC R 131 – can be expanded with a one-deck or a two-deck screening unit. With this further-developed rubble breakup system, the broken-up end product can be sieved and a final particle size meeting specifications can be produced. The basic model can be expanded as desired. It can also be transported and operated with or without a screening unit. That saves investment costs, reduces fuel use and cuts down on the environmental load. The oversized material return belt is attached firmly to the system and need not be dismantled for transport. The screening unit can be attached to or detached from the breakup system in less than 10 minutes. 

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