5 S-K



Separation by material - one press plunger and as many press chambers as desired   6 t pressing force Bale weight from 40 to 60 kg  

  • Waste materials, such as paper, cardboard, foil and plastics can be pressed, separated by material, and thus recycled rationally and economically
  • The basic model is supplied as a single-chamber press - it can be extended with additional press chambers as desired
  • The press plunger is positioned over the chambers via an easy slide mechanism
  • With fast press sequence, automatic return stroke and visual signal display when the bale volume is reached
  • Easy bale transport through optional transport cart
  • Power connection is possible via any 230 V electrical outlet

Technical details

  • Easy and efficient operation
  • Retaining claws prevent pressed material from springing back
  • Visual signal display when the bale volume is reached
  • Easy binding of the bale without expenditure of force
  • Easy removal of the bale through tapering press chamber and bale transport cart

Special equipment

  • Additional press chambers
  • Can press insert
  • Bale transport cart
  • Movable on rollers
  • Connection for dust extraction
  • Special paint finish - monochrome RAL
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