Composting is the oldest recycling method created by humankind. It is the natural process that converts organic materials and into compost. The purpose of composting is to achieve as much as possible the quantity and better quality fertilizer. Today, there are several important reasons and to make compost. Beyond ecological (minimize waste, soil recovery, reduction of carbon dioxide emitted) there are important economic reasons such as resetting the disposal costs of waste, recovery and sale of fertilizer, improve the soil and better performance of the cultivated area. It should be noted that the compost applications can be applied in industry, trade, hotels, municipalities, shipping, etc. schools. Composting may eventually be applied where there is human activity. Today the biological process of composting which offers the Big Hanna along with Intermachinery you daily convert the leftovers, the fruit peels and vegetable called "your household trash" into compost reducing food waste itself with up to 90%. It is certain that with our solutions, eliminate transport costs, their management fees while making money immediately




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